Tuesday 29 April 2008

His name is ? - and he is funky ...

George ClintonAs I've noted before when subjecting a sportsman's musical tastes to scrutiny, it's not often an athlete reveals anything other than a preference for coffee table mediocrity.

So the pulsating funk/soul vibes eminating from the ipod of a certain squash player came straight out of left-field in the Guardian last week ...

His "Top five tracks" in the paper's What's rocking sport column were listed as:

Exodus - Bob Marley and the Wailers
Saturday Love - Alexander O'Neal
Encore - Sheryl Lynn
Cinnamon Girl - Prince
High Hopes - A Forest Mighty Black

Still unsure of the identity of this week's pop-picker?

Step forward England's own Adrian Grant (right) - a man who would know where the party's at, wherever the PSA Tour lands.

Grant is also a fan P-Funk architect George Clinton (pictured above), who Wikipedia notes as "one of the most important innovators of funk music, next to James Brown and Sly Stone."

Grant's eclectic range of listening spans hip-hop to house, and even reveals an avant-garde penchant for "lounge-type acoustic bands such as St. Germain from France".

Given we what was on Nick Matthew's ipod the last time the Guardian interviewed a squash player for the same column, it's down to the soul man from Lewisham to restore credibility :)

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