Tuesday 8 April 2008

PSA CEO search

Squash360.com logoCourtesy of www.squash360.com:

The search for a new Chief Executive for the PSA receives a lengthy and provocative analysis throughout this week at Squash360.com ...

PSA CEO search - an opportunity deliberately slipping away is the first of a series of articles on the site this week to discuss the departure of Gawain Briars and the search for a new candidate.

The appointment is crucial to the future direction of men's squash. Squashblogger's preference (see my previous article) is for someone with proven experience in international business, as the growth regions within the sport (north America, the Middle East, India) require someone who can empathise with the different cultures represented by the global game and negotiate within them at an appropriate level.

Ideally they should have a proper understanding of marketing, and have the foresight to see how using the media is crucial to successfully promoting their "product" to a public who are increasingly discerning when choosing how to spend their leisure time.

Read the article at Squash360.

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