Wednesday 18 April 2007

YouTube videos vol. 1

Power v Palmer: Super Series 2001 Semi FinalFilm or video of squash isn't easy to come by. DVDs or video copies of individual matches are available for sale, though these are often relatively expensive due to their high production costs.

The PSA provide an excellent on-demand stremaing video service, PSAlive, where users pay a small fee to watch matches live or archived on the internet.

YouTube - the most popular site on the internet for members of the public to upload video clips - has a number of squash clips posted.

YouTubeThese include excerpts from professional matches, "home videos" and other bits and pieces. Some are listed below:

The Two Ronnies: Squash Match sketch
- the comedians knock up their usual brand of word play
Power v Palmer: Super Series 2001 Semi Final - that match
Battle Squash - two students (?) on the court. Strangely hypnotic ...
WSF Olympic bid promo - not sophisticated enough? Then neither are IOC officials ...
Roger Federer: squash player - the tennis great pulls a squash shot out of the bag


  1. Just came across this site through Wikipedia. You are doing a great job for squash, keep it up!

    Nice videos. At one point, I saw some nice ones on Google videos too.

  2. that Power/Palmer game is a classic! Shame Jonathan's retired..

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