Thursday 19 April 2007

Room Inside Sport for squash?

Gabby Logan will present the BBC's Inside SportMonday 20 April sees the launch of the BBC's new sports magazine programme Inside Sport.

With "in-depth interviews and features from a wide range of sports, and a bit of fun on your Monday night or Sunday morning", the show will be presented by Gabby Logan (newly poached from ITV).

Promising to cover "minority sport", squash fans will be hoping that their sport gets a look-in. Logan adds in a BBC interview:

"If I was coming from a minority sport, if I was the head of the British Fencing Association, I would make big in-roads with editors to get coverage for the personalities in my sport".

Governing bodies of squash take note! And get lobbying!

Inside Sport


  1. CAn anyone remember the last time squash was on the bbc? Maybe the British Open a couple of years ago.

  2. Saw this on Sunday - better than I though it would be, though I reckon it will still concentrate on football/golf etc and othe rpopular sports


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