Monday 2 April 2007

Sell out in Toronto!

Dear oh dear oh dear ...Not since the heady days of the 2001 British Open has sex so brazenly ensconced itself within squash's pure white walls.

The collective tutting from our more exclusive clubs is enough to shatter one's glass show court ...

Yet our Canadian cousins organising the Toronto Open 2007 have seen fit to publicise their event with a poster that appears to cross Attack of the 50ft Woman with Honey, I Shrunk the Squash Geeks.

With the tag line "WOMEN'S PROFESSIONAL SQUASH. IT'S IRRESISTIBLE", the promoters have clearly got the best interests of the game at heart.

So if you're in Toronto from 11-16 April, get down to the Goodlife Fitness Club where you'll see giant female squash players swatting tournament organisers.

Toronto Squash Open 2007

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