Tuesday 25 March 2008

Squash (2002)

It didn't win the Oscar, but the Academy Award-nominated short film Squash is still knocking around the internet ...

Not the most original metaphor every deployed to suggest that sport is more than just ... er, sport, the old chestnut about the game parodying life/conflict is wheeled out again in a short film that would have Gordon Gecko weeping with pride.

The French-language film is directed by Lionel Bailliu, and while I can appreciate the story-within-four-walls minimalism of it all, it's hardly court-shatteringly original.

Watch it here - it's only 27 minutes long.


  1. How did this win an Oscar?

  2. Unfortunately this movie is not available anymore at Channel4 =( But I'd like to watch it again...Do you have it saved on PC?

    I watched Squash (2002) in the cinema recently and liked it!

  3. Yeah, who has a copy of this film? It's not available at Channel4 anymore...


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