Wednesday 12 March 2008

Bingo squash

Joe Pasquale and Susanne Shaw will present BingoLottoIt's not often you see two fat ladies down on the squash court.

Yet England Squash is to benefit from a new televised bingo show fronted by squeeky-voiced Joe Pasquale.

If you never thought you'd read that last sentence ...

BingoLotto is Sweden's highest-rated TV show ever, and the format has been bought by Virgin 1 to screen in the UK.

The live show must donate at least 20% of BingoLotto's proceeds to good causes, and in Sweden around £100 million has been given to to charity each year.

The first partner charities have been named as the Central Council of Physical Recreation (CCPR) and the National Council for Voluntary Organisations.

The CCPR is concerned with supporting grass-roots sport, and as England Squash is a member, it stands to benefit from any money charitably donated.

The BingoLotto website explains that the FA, the Lawn Tennis Association, The Ramblers' Association and The Royal Life Saving Society are examples of member organisations of the CCPR.

Read the names of the organisations in that last paragraph again, and I think you'll agree that some are perhaps more deserving than others.

Given that the LTA receives around £25m-£30m every year out of profits from Wimbledon and produces almost no British tennis talent (Andy Murray is largely a product of his time as a junior in the Spanish coaching system), I reckon England Squash have a pretty decent claim on whatever BingoLotto throws the CCPR's way.

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  1. Now that Susanne has won Dancing on Ice the show is bound to be a hit!


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