Friday 7 March 2008

Sport magazine: Willstrop on song for Canary Wharf

Sport magazineLet's here it for Sport magazine once more - the Friday freesheet has again chosen to feature squash in its upcoming events section.

This time it's the ISS Canary Wharf Squash Classic that hogs the best part of a double-page, focussing on Willstrop's recent run of good form ...

Read the full issue here.

Sport magazine


  1. Have to doff my cap for your coverage of squash, without it I wouldn't have even known about this event.

    Can I be bold enough to make one small suggestion for an article - graded tournaments. I am a comparative beginner and knew nothing about such things and that people like me could enter - it transpired many in my club were similarly ignorant.

  2. Cheers - I'll find out a bit more about graded tournaments and try and write something in the near future.

    Thanks for posting - tell your fellow squash players to visit the site and do the same!

    Good luck with your game.


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