Tuesday 15 April 2008

Another PSA vacancy as Chairman of the Board quits

Squash courtPSA Board Chairman Jack Herrick has retired from his position.

This now leaves the governing body of the men's world tour without a Chairman of the Board or Chief Executive, following the departure earlier in the year of Gawain Briars ...

Herrick had been in the post 14 years:

"I must say I never planned nor anticipated staying with the PSA for 14 years, but now the time for retirement feels right."

The outgoing Chairman of the Board's reasons for leaving the position beyond the quotation above are not given. There is obviously a large shake-up happening in the PSA, the politics of which are rather obscure at present, but I'm sure they'll come out in the wash ...

In an unfortunate choice of words, Herrick is quoted in the announcement article on the PSA website on his experience working with recent PSA Chief Executives (including, most recently, Gawain Briars):

"To coin a phrase, each would have jumped in front of a truck to protect the PSA from harm ..."


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  1. I have to be honest and say as a new player of squash I am only just becoming acquainted with the politics of the sport and it does seem rather messy. Reading some other sites there appears to be real antagonism towards the PSA and Shabana has spoken in pretty critical terms about the way the tour is run.

    I just wish I knew more about the history, but it does seem as though the game is in a state of flux at the very top end and that maybe that is reflected in the comparative low profile it has amongst the wider public which has often been discussed in these pages


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