Thursday 1 May 2008

Ukrainian women whitewashed on debut

Euopean Teams logoSpare a thought today for the Ukranian women's team at the European Team Championships, currently in their pool stages at the Frans Otten Stadion in Amsterdam.

Well how would you feel if your team had just lost 81-0 ?!

Nina Taraschkevych, Anastasia Spivak and Anastasiya Netrebchuk each failed to score even a single point against their Italian opponents, the debutants each on the receiving end of a 27-0 thrashing.

If anyone out there feels like taking pity on the Ukranian women, you mght want to apply for the Squash Manager's job currently being advertised at the Grand Prix Club in Kiev ...

The men's winner looks surely be drawn from the top three teams: England (title holders), France and the Netherlands, while the women's event looks to be heading towards a repeat of last year's England v Netherlands final.

Recent Dutch aquisition Natalie Grinham is not eligible to represent the Netherlands team until 2009.

Full coverage can be seen at the link below.

European Team Championships 2008

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