Tuesday 27 November 2007

2.1 billion (!) won't see Ramy in Bermuda

Bermuda last hosted a PSA tournment in 2005 - the Bermuda MastersGiven the punishing toll squash takes on the body, its inevitable that players will withdraw from tournaments at relatively short notice.

Reading the news that Ramy Ashour, Karim Darwish, Borja Golan and Stacey Ross had all had to pull out of the Endurance World Open Bermuda 2007 just before it was about to kick off must have been a real blow for the promoters and the spectators alike.

It now means that Egyptian prodigy Ashour has missed the two most prestigious events of the year - the British Open and now the Worlds ...

Secure in the world number 2 berth after some big tournment wins this year, the Prince of Egypt/The Special One (any more? Has any squash player acquired more nicknames more quickly?) would have been a sure bet for the final until a leg injury ruled him out.

Here's hoping he recovers quickly and will soon appear on British shores (maybe at Canary Wharf?). In his absence, Greg Gaultier and two-time champion David Palmer look best set to challenge Shabana for his crown.

Player involvement aside, the organisers are clearly confident that this World Open will be covered more extensively than any other:

"The event will draw extensive media coverage, including presence from Reuters, CNN, BBC World, NBC News, Fox Australia, and Orbit ESPN, and TV coverage is expected to reach up to 2.1 billion spectators worldwide."

2.1 billion?! How is this figure calculated? Shame they won't get to see the world's second best player.

Endurance World Open Bermuda 2007

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