Thursday 20 September 2007

Not a spectator sport? Ditch the dogma

Not a spectator sport? 5000 Egyptians can't be wrong ...There's a particuarly cruel remark about the great game in the Guardian this week.

Barney Ronay's article on the glut of world championships being simultaneously held across a range of sports draws an unwarranted parallel, suggesting that squash is not a game for the spectator:

"Women's football, for example, is a perfectly good sport, in the same way squash and 10-pin bowling are: great if you're taking part, but do we have to watch them?"

Ronay should get himself up to Manchester this week to see some of the world's finest athletes compete in the world's most exciting sport.

Better still, take a trip to either Madrid or Bermuda to catch squash's own world championships in October and November.

Stumbling across this negative representation of squash, it suggested to me that this is precisely the thing that the newly-formed marketing department at England Squash should be keeping keeping an eye out for.

The article in full


  1. Squash is great to watch!!!

  2. Well, the actual article in itself was terrible so I doubt anyone will take the reference to squash seriously.


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