Saturday 8 September 2007

Freebie glossy covers English Grand Prix

The article in Myfreesport magazineNice to see that the glossy sport magazine given away to London commuters on a Friday devoting a small preview section to this week's English Grand Prix in Birmingham.

Myfreesport magazine carries at least one decent interview weekly, with pretty decent photography throughout, considering it's being given away.

I keep a look out for squash articles, as the content tends to be pretty eclectic. And lo and behold, last Friday carried an article on the Birmingham event.

More than can be said for our quality dailies - and I rather fear that the BBC's coverage this season might be diminished, given the fact that the RSS feed at the top of this page hasn't changed for a while.

Myfreesport magazine

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  1. Does anyone know if this magzine is available outside London? Good to see its covering squash


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