Thursday 21 May 2009

World Squash Day to descend on world capitals

World Squash Day 2009With just two days to go until World Squash Day 2009, squash fans around the world are preparing for events to publicise squash's bid for inclusion in the 2016 Olympic Games.

Promotional bus tours and 24-hour squash marathons are just some of the events planned as far afield as London, Chicago, Madrid, Rio, and Tokyo ...

Including: meeting times and route for Saturday's 'Big Day Out' in London

WSD has been branded 'Squash 2016 Day' this year in support of the Olympic bid.

In London, a bus tour of major sites dubbed the 'Big Day Out' will hoist a 'Squash For 2016 banner' at various locations, starting at the Royal Greenwich Observatory at 11am, before heading on to various venues, such as the O2 Dome and Canary Wharf, after which stops will be made at the following locations:

1pm: Tower of London and Tower Bridge
1.45pm: St Paul's Cathedral
2.30pm: Covent Garden
3.15pm: Houses of Parliament
4pm: Buckingham Palace

All squash fans are welcome to attend. At the end of the day the plan is for everyone to adjourn to Hyde Park for refreshments.

The organisers are asking groups around the world participating in WSD to send in photos so that they can 'show the IOC that squash is a truly global sport' ahead of the crucial Olympic vote later this year.

The Squash for 2016 banner will also be unveiled in front of many of the world's most iconic buildings in cities such as Chicago, Madrid, Rio, and Tokyo.

Squash's hard working pros are also supporting WSD: Nicol David is holding an auction of her prized tournament memorabilia in her home city of Penang, while Nick Matthew will be heading to Milan for the Five Nations Tournament with his Hallamshire, Sheffield, team taking Squash 2016 banners, flags and T-shirts to the Polisquash Sports Club.

The day will start with Phil Buscke, guitarist with Kiwi band The Datsuns, bungee jumping from Auckland Harbour Bridge in Squash 2016 t-shirt live on TV.

World Squash Day 2009

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