Wednesday 25 March 2009

Innovative coverage being forged at the 'Wharf

Great to see intelligent questions being put to the players in the videos being put out on the Canary Wharf website and YouTube.

Deepening the coverage of a current event via prompt video postings can enrich a tournament - especially for those squash fans who cannot attend ...

Videoing players is not in itself new or innovative (though there is certainly room for innovation where filming play is concerned): getting material out and up on the web quickly while retaining a level of quality is the key, and YouTube has certainly helped here.

Above: Alan Thatcher interviewing Tom Richards after his loss to Palmer. Richards' biggest stage to date? We've followed his career on squashblog for a while now ...

Too many video interviews to feature here - click here to see 'em all.

Canary Wharf Classic 2009

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