Friday 10 October 2008

Best week ever for squashblog!

Web statsSquashblog has just enjoyed its best week for visitor figures since launch, with readers coming to the site in increasingly larger numbers ahead of the Hi-Tec World Squash Championships ...

The past week has seen the highest number of unique visitors and the highest number of page impressions on the site to date, with readers from as far afield as Buenos Aires, Mölndal (Sweden), Kuwait, Oklahoma and the Dutch Antilles!

Since its launch in January 2007, squashblog has sought to raise the profile of squash through dialogue with the squash community, the media and other agencies - so please comment on each article (you can do it anonymously!) and have your say about the future of the sport.

RSS and squashblog @Twitter

Did you also know that you can read each article post without visiting the site? If you use an RSS reader, type the following code in and you will automatically receive articles as soon as they are posted:

We also recently launched the first squash community offering on Twitter, the "micro-blogging" site (you can also see updates from the squashblog Twitter page to the right of the squashblog main site).

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