Wednesday 21 February 2007

The London Paper 2 National Press 0

Adrian GrantHow is is that one of new London freesheets, The London Paper, can run a decent squash article twice in a week while the national press buries the British Nationals in miniscule "sports round-up" results columns?

The newbie tabloid (carpeting the capital's pavements from 5pm daily) decided to feature Adrian Grant (pictured) - firstly highlighting the prospects of the Lewisham-born squash player, and then informing readers of his progression to the semi-finals, where he lost to the eventual runner-up of the tournament, John White.

Monday's Guardian didn't even carry the results from the finals, only the semis. A thumb though the Telegraph found the results mentioned in brief.

It's a shame I didn't pick a copy of the Manchester Evening News to review their coverage; it seems that the local press is far more interested in squash than national newspapers.

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