Saturday 9 February 2008

Online squash league tools

A reader has asked me if I could suggest online software to facilitate a squash league/ladder.

These are available mostly for a small charge, but some are free ...

The most popular free application (though a donation is asked for) appears to be: which many clubs seem to use.

Online forums also recommend the following:

If anyone has any experience of using the above applications - or knows or any other useful software - please leave a comment ...


  1. We have been using Boxleague ( a few years now. Works great!
    If you're in the United States, US Squash has RailStation ( which does team leagues and box ladders as well (for a fee)

  2. Our club uses the system via - seems easy to use and maintain

  3. This service has just been released by a company in the US: Bit early to tell what it's like yet but may be worth keeping an eye on.

  4. Try SquashNet - you can get standalone leagues if that's what you're after or, like our club, a fully integrated website, with court bookings and membership database too

  5. Free Online League have just developed a ladder module. This can be seen at their beta site:-

    A sample Ladder (although not squash) can be seen here:-

    Looks good to me!

  6. Check out for a new social way to run your ladder

  7. looks very impressive.


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